“Wine is Meant to Be with Food, that’s the Point of it” –Julia Child

For some food is a means to an end, viewing it as a basic survival requirement they view food as fuel and little more. For us, food is a hig...


Bringing Soul Back to the Wine Industry

Wine has become commercial, to say the least. The industry has built itself upon the arc of sophistication and out right bourgeoisie mentali...

Food Pairing

  • Steve Heimoff: Editor, Wine Enthusiast
    "Here are some great Cabs I’ve been drinking this winter: Goldschmidt, World’s End ... Antonio Patric, Tudal and Napa Angel by Montes. These are all from Napa Valley and its various sub-appellations, and most of them are single vineyard wines ... When people say great wine is made in the vineyard, they’re talking about wines like these."