Bringing Soul Back to the Wine Industry

Wine has become commercial, to say the least. The industry has built itself upon the arc of sophistication and out right bourgeoisie mentality. Ordering a glass of fine wine is no longer a matter of taste but a stamp of social status, proving your ranks among the cultured. We have become inaccessible in a world of mass produced bottles held in castle like wineries. Somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten.

What have we forgotten? That the industry was not built around factory production but on hand picked grapes from a vineyard planted by multiple generations of the same family. We forget that wine did not begin being showcased in three star Michelin restaurants, but as the pinnacle of the family table on cool summer nights. We have forgotten that wine was intended for long talks, and lingering kisses, not for stacking shelves upon shelves at your local high priced food store.

At Antonio Patric wines, we have brought the vines back to their roots, and simplified the once graceful process that’s quickly becoming high maintenance. Because we believe that wine is not simply a luxury accessory but an extension of the wine maker themselves. Each sip of wine carries a passage of Antonio Patrics memoir, shared with you through the twists and layers of boldness and blends.

Such a thing takes time, patience and personal attention to every last detail. Fortunately, people seem to be wising up. Artisanal is beating manufactured, small businesses are becoming favored over major corporations, and we’re all learning to appreciate quality over quantity a bit more.

Attention to detail is a vital ingredient in the pursuit of perfection. Our family has a passion for creating something memorable, something that adds to the experiences we will hold onto forever, and furthers a natural love of life. For this we, we choose to work to produce something we can truly be proud of and not just something in vogue, we invite you to do the same.