“Wine is Meant to Be with Food, that’s the Point of it” –Julia Child

For some food is a means to an end, viewing it as a basic survival requirement they view food as fuel and little more. For us, food is a highlight of life. The presentation, the combination of flavors, and the conversation that revolves around a meal, its all part of a perfected performance that sweetly crescendo’s into a sublimely satiated state, both physically and mentally. Food is an outlet, it is the connecting thread across cultures and ethnicities, and food is the unspoken language understood internationally while simultaneously being a simple gesture of love from one generation the next.

Food’s essential compliment, the Ginger to it’s Fred, is perfectly casted by a well paired glass of wine. In a world where our taste-buds have been saturated by chemicals and vast amounts of salt, the wine beautifully completes the task of reaching into the palette and pulling out specific tastes in the food that would otherwise be lost.

The presumed essentiality of wine with food will vary depending on who you’re talking to. However, for us there is no question. Food without wine is like a dance without music, doable yes…but never reaching its full potential of depth.

We have provided this quick and useful info graphic for those of you that are new to wine pairing and don’t quite know where to start.

We hope to see a bottle of Antonio Patric along with your gourmet masterpiece.

Bon Appetit!